Monday Supper Club



Dips and bread


Choose a main:


Fish, chips, salad

Tandoori chicken salad GF

Chicken parmiagana, chips, salad

Beef burger and chips

Avocado & poached eggs,

side of chips or salad V


Tea or coffee

BYO, no corkage charge







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Monday Supper Club is an intimate,

semi-acoustic year-round venue

providing a quality listening

environment together with a modestly-priced

BYO meal.


And because it's a Monday, we aim to have you out of the door

and on your way by no later than 9.30pm.


Seats must be pre-purchased online – use the blue and white link above. There are no door sales.  You don't need to bring your ticket with you because Flora our door queen keeps a comprehensive door list. If you want to sit with someone who has booked separately, email us a few days in advance so we can accommodate this in our seating plan. Contact Jane if you have any difficulties or questions: mob: 0414 862 306  email:





An evening of simple food, fine music and great words ...

Who we are


Please come prepared to listen...


Monday Supper Club is an event designed for the pleasure

of audiences AND acts. The greatest gift you can give a performer is your silent attention. Feel free to chat and guffaw in the breaks (in fact, we insist!) but not during the performances themselves.


Running Order 

6.45 pm Doors open

7.00 pm Spoken word performance

7.30 pm Dinner; 8.15 pm Musical performance;

9 pm Coffee/tea; 9.30 pm Close


Your $45 ticket includes

Bread and dips, main course (see left),

fantabulous entertainment, coffee/tea and corkage.


Quality cakeage is on sale behind the counter - why not order something sinful to go with your coffee....?


BYO alcohol only (ie no elephants)


A marks the spot.

Dôme Café

Cnr Railway Parade & Eighth Avenue, Maylands

Monday Supper Club is a not-for-profit event created and hosted by Jane Cornes Maclean. It offers a showcase of fine, independent musicians and wordsmiths.  

If you plan on coming along, yippee and please read the bit bottom right about it being a listening event.

Booked performers are fed and paid a modest fee. Any money left over goes into the kitty to subsidise less

well-attended events and an annual holiday to Bali for the organisers. Joke.

If sufficient tickets are sold, organisers and volunteers (Jane, Flora and Neil) also eat for free.

Otherwise, they pay for their own meals.

If you'd like to be notified as new events are announced, please join our email list

using the dark grey link above right.  Tickets to the club must be booked and paid for online

in advance via the link below. There are no door sales.




MON 7 NOV -  Musical act Bernard Carney; spoken word from Carol Millner

MON 5 DEC - Special Christmas event: Music from The Jane Cornes Collective;

spoken word from Flora Smith


MON 27 FEB - Musical act Gordie Tentrees and Jaxon Haldane.

Send us an email

The cafe's beautiful - and airconditioned - interior




dome maylands

The Historic Dome Cafe,

Maylands WA

img157 IMG_7607

Dome's fish and chips with really good aioli

The Supperclub team:

Below left - Jane Cornes Maclean with her partner and club techie NeilSteward.

Below right - door queen Flora Smith.

fish n  chips at dome dome 2 MAKE A BOOKING HERE

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dome maylands

Where are we?

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Our November musical act, Bernard Carney

Click on the calendar to see our dates for 2016...

Q: How come you're called Monday Supper Club when the website address is Summer Supper Club? 

A: When we staged our first event in Dec 2012, we were planning to run the club only during Summer months. But it was such a success we decided to offer concerts year-round. Trouble was, by then we'd already registered the

SSC domain name...

Our spoken word act for November, Carol Millner